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Our (CSR) registered members can enjoy un-precedent services no matter where they are located physically in the entire world such as:-

- Importation and delivery for Governmental & private sectors needs of all types (industrial and services projects, OEM and ODM projects, production lines projects and offering special care for automation, electronic, electrical and engineering projects.

- Contracting and subcontracting furnishing projects (building, offices, villas, hotels, furnished apartments compounds etc.)

- Importation of all type of commodities and offer all related services in this field i.e. samples request, price quotation, inspection and quality control services, shipping & insurance cost and shipment tracking world wide

- Pre-arrangement and scheduling business plans for those who want to travel and make the deal themselves also we offer airport reception & transportation, escorting translators, meals, shopping and communication services

- Remote Audio-video conference scheduling between our (CSR) registered members and our office in China to guarantee the integrity of orders delivery. Done Deal group uses CISCO latest technology in this field

- Planning and Preparing specialized commercial trips for Business men & women on periodical basis under full coordination with our office in China

- Helping those who want to find best available agencies and business opportunities in China also we can help them to build their own business brand for all type of products and services


Done Deal Group | Our Services


Done Deal Group | Your Direct Way to China

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